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Start presenting just like you have done thousands of times before, live or on-demand, the choice is yours.

Track & measure the engagement

Collect useful insights with eye-tracking, quizzes, polls, and Q&A sessions and measure the performance of your content.

Create and share compelling VR content in minutes

Get ready to join the most exciting revolution ever happened with immersive technologies.

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Create interactive virtual PowerPoint®, and seamlessly transition between standard and virtual reality slides, engaging and interacting with your audience like never before.

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Revolution made simple

Monitor and control your audience

Sync your audience VR devices, and unleash VRGENCE power, sharing your personalized content in real-time. In presence or remotely, get in control of what is viewed.

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Monitor and control

Gamify your content and story flow

Don’t settle on dull content: design your story flow and set a path to guide your audience while keeping the attention up and boosting engagement.

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Keep engagement high

When we say instant, we mean it

Guide & control in real-time or make it available on-demand to a later time.

Easy point & click guidance

Guide your audience through VR content one-to-many simultaneously.

Eye-tracking tech to monitor

Discover how audience is reacting and learn what caught their attention.

Get instant feedback

Collect quizzes and polls results in real-time and discover if your content are clear and engaging.

Trusted by disruptors and pioneers worldwide

"Thanks to VR our employees can efficiently follow mandatory courses even remotely, while trainers can collect useful information and feedback."

Robin Seavers

Learning and Development Manager


said that practicing in VR helped them prepare better for real-world situations

"Thanks for everything! It was a success, and it was an exciting, unique, creative idea. We collected some feedback, [...] all very positive."

Caillean Dooge

WSE Service Manager


information retention when VR is involved, compared to traditional classrooms.

"VRGENCE radically changed the way we think about knowledge transfer in business, by creating immersive and engaging learning experiences."

Colin Cantile

Marketing Technology Manager


of people who experience a vacation in VR, want to book a trip or get in touch.

"With VRGENCE we can now smoothly and efficiently perform trainings and showcases 100% in VR, and this is the perfect option for fairs and events."

Italian HQ

Marketing & Sales Department


average time each potential customer has spent on VR experience.

"With VRGENCE our goal is to expand our innovative service portfolio and enhance our presence in the market, thanks to Virtual Reality."

Paola Malvestiti

Marketing Manager


of consumers say a branded VR experience makes them more positive to the brand.

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Join the VR PowerPoint® revolution

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