VR for PowerPoint®

VR for PowerPoint®

Create, share and control. One-to-many in class or remotely. All simultaneously.

VRGENCE is the world’s first VR authoring platform integrated within PowerPoint®.

It enables Learning and Sales teams to create interactive virtual presentations. Push content to your audience’s VR headsets, in class or remotely, while you guide and control what is viewed.

Shared experience

Watch along with your audience and see what they see. You’ll no longer feel out of control of your audience.


Create a VR presentation with no learning curve. Add interactivities to keep your audience engaged.

Guide and control

Simultaneously guide the VR experience to a wide audience. You can control as many devices as you want.

Easy edit

Edit your presentation like you’ve done hundreds of times before, at any time, anywhere.

Remotely or in-class

Connect remotely via cloud one-to-many or face-to-face in a classroom – no additional cables or hardware.

Share your file

Want to send your VR ppt to your colleagues to be reused? Just send the file. It’s as simple as that. After all, it’s a PowerPoint presentation!

When we say it’s instant, we mean it.

Install VRGENCE for PowerPoint, download the app for your iOS, Android, Oculus or Pico devices and enjoy it!

It’s radically simple and it’s affordable for any business.

No cables, no hardware, no complicated tools. VRGENCE's simplicity stems from the willingness to revolutionise the Virtual Reality industry.
Inspired by simplicity.
1. Create your presentation. Engage your audience by creating your presentation. Add VR slides and insert 360 photos and videos. Mix them with standard slides and create your story. You can seamlessly transition to and from virtual reality slides.
Built with the future in mind.
2. Sync all your audience VR headsets. A single-click will unleash the power of the greatest software engineering, syncing your presentation with the audience's VR headsets allowing them to view your personalised content in real-time. Just download the app onto your iOS, Android, Pico or Oculus Go device and let the fun begin.
Share the experience beyond the meeting room.
3. Present to your audience, no matter where they are. Start presenting just like you've done thousands of times before, except now you can take your audience on a journey. Guide them through VR slides, 360 photos and videos for the most immersive presentation experience. Don't worry about losing your audience ever again, you set the path, and they'll follow it.

Control as many VR devices as you want, and see what they see, in real-time.

A transformative solution that allows you to share the content you want and see where your audience’s attention is going, without complexity. The days of wondering if your audience is paying attention and the limitation to involve one user at a time are now gone.

A rebel solution

Our goal is to revolutionise the VR industry, with innovative, forward-thinking software that breaks down all current boundaries and limitations.
Seamlessly transition
Move to and from virtual reality slides as you present your PowerPoint.
Click anywhere on your 360-degree image and draw your audiences’ attention to that point.
Knowledge check
Ask questions, check your audience understanding and visualise real-time results.
Device playback
Control the play and pause of your 360 video content on all devices.
Eye-tracking to better understand your audience’s experience.
Battery status
Check the battery status of all your connected devices.

Want to see what VRGENCE can do for you?

Be among the first to start using the powers of VRGENCE and you can take an inside look at our advanced functionality and features.