Customer Stories

Milestone adopts VR for the “True Lean Lab” project

Milestone adopts VR for the “True Lean Lab” project

Milestone is an industry leader in the analytical and organic chemistry labs, with a worldwide installed base of over 20,000 systems in large and small research institutions, universities, and industrial laboratories.

Milestone selected VRGENCE as a reference partner to develop Virtual Reality tours with the True Lean Lab, different solutions to simplify all the processes starting from the specimen arrival to the lab, when dealing with accessioning and documentation.

What VRGENCE did

Through VRGENCE, Milestone developed a custom VR experience in the lab to start at any time with no interference to the routine workflow. The solution grants a safe and efficient procedure and helps train processes remotely in a 100% virtual experience.

Value Delivered

Thanks to the VR empowered True Lean Lab, Milestone can provide employees effective and engaging training processes and enhance its presence at events.

With engaging VR experiences, the company can provide immersive presentations during fairs and expos, offering the visitors the opportunity to literally walk in the lab without bringing it physically there, saving money and time.