Customer Stories

Rockwell Automation chooses VRGENCE to deploy safe, practical and engaging VR training.

Rockwell Automation chooses VRGENCE to deploy safe, practical and engaging VR training.

In the enterprise field, the connection between teams and the learning processes has been negatively impacted by the pandemic.

Companies want to move past the trade-off between training in a classroom environment and training in the field, which can be costly and time-consuming, to VR training, which offers the best of both worlds, with an eye on the budget.

VRGENCE is now the Rockwell Automation reference partner for all the VR practices that help them imagine, create, and deliver innovative VR experiences at enterprise scale, developing a VR prototype for immersive learning utilizing an agile methodology and human-centered design principles.

What VRGENCE did

For the partnership with Rockwell Automation, VRGENCE offered a 100% custom approach that guaranteed the flexibility the company needed.

VRGENCE developed a flexible solution, which could easily be integrated into existing IT, providing support during content creation steps and customizing the solution with Assicurazioni Generali brand assets.

Value Delivered

Rockwell Automation has chosen VRGENCE to create and test an immersive VR initiative providing safe, effective, comprehensive, and engaging training and to enhance all the processes of L&D departments with Virtual Reality.

The VR experience allows the trainers to use appropriate tools to check cyber security courses and workshops’ performances, while building a safe and highly interactive simulated environment with real-time feedback. The inspection results are then scored by the system, providing the trainee with immediate and relevant insights.