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Wall Street English increases the quality of learning and retention with VR

Wall Street English increases the quality of learning and retention with VR

Wall Street English is an English school known worldwide for its consolidated experience and an established international presence with a network of avant-garde centers, designed to always be at the side of the needs of those who wish to learn a new language in an engaging way, according to specific needs and educational objectives.

WSE has chosen VRGENCE to enhance education processes with immersive learning experiences that provide better information retention and more engaging lessons.

What VRGENCE did

For the partnership with WSE, VRGENCE developed a custom solution to integrate into the training program that provides a traditional L&D approach that fits the learning context, with quizzes and surveys that give the teacher feedback on the understating of the students.

Also, VRGENCE developed two kinds of VR experiences, live and on-demand. The live mode can be used during a lesson, with the teacher switching the presentation on VR, offering students a live immersive experience in presence or remote. The on-demand mode is accessible anytime and anywhere, and students can easily live the VR learning experience at their own pace.

Value Delivered

With VR experiences students can remember up to 90% of the material, compared to a regular student who can remember around 30% of what they hear and 20% of what they see in traditional classrooms.

Through this type of learning, the information is more meaningful, and those who are learning can relate to it because they are applying the knowledge in their own way through their responses and behavior.

Caillean Dooge – WSE Service Manager – commenting on the VRGENCE VR learning, stated, «Thanks for everything! It was a success, and it was an exciting, unique, creative idea. We collected some feedback, […] all very positive.»