Crispy News From VR World

VR is the future of healthcare, providing a safer and more efficient environment.

From medical training and conferences to pain management, the Healthcare industry is expected to benefit tremendously from VR technology.

VR Gamification is the extra gear you’re looking for to enhance engagement and boost sales

From education to L&D, from showcases to companies' onboardings, companies are adopting VR and game assets into their processes.

You should use Virtual Reality in eLearning and here’s why

The next frontier of eLearning is expected to be Virtual Reality, making learning in class and remotely more effective and efficient.

The PowerPoint® revolution: VR is going to change the future of presentations

The future of PowerPoint® isn’t about VR only, but about seamlessly switching from traditional slides to VR content: VRGENCE does precisely that.

WebVR: Virtual Reality for web is the disruptive tech tool you need in 2021

Meet WebVR, the technology that’s easy to use, budget and time-friendly, and above all, accessible from different devices.