How it works

VR accessible to anyone, anywhere thru a simple PPT

See how VRGENCE can help you enrich your PowerPoint® presentations with compelling VR content.

Easy to use, it’s just the PowerPoint® you already know!

VR made simple for everyone

VRGENCE makes VR content accessible to everyone, simply adding VR slides to your traditional presentation.

Smoothly switch between 2D and VR

Get the most from both worlds; VRGENCE is the only one solution that allows to switch from traditional content to Virtual Reality one.

Give your old presentations an extra kick

Revamp your way to present and engage with your audience on a new level with VRGENCE superpowers.

Quick to share, it’s a simple PPT

No need to stress, you can keep sharing your files as you always did. It’s a simple PPT afterall!

Have unlimited fun with gamification and interaction assets

Add amazing 360 images & video

Blow minds with ready-to-use or custom immersive content and bring your audience into a new reality.

Keep attention high with quiz and polls

Interact with quizzes and polls that provide feedback about what resonates with your audience or what doesn’t.

Create your storytelling, adding hotspots

Add as many hotspots as you need, and make users interact with them to unlock more content!

Live or On-Demand, the choice is yours

Guide & control in real-time or make it available on-demand to a later time.

Easy point & click guidance

Guide your audience through VR content one-to-many simultaneously.

Eye-tracking tech to monitor

Discover how audience is reacting and learn what caught their attention.

Get instant feedback

Collect quizzes and polls results in real-time and discover if your content are clear and engaging.


Real-time feedback on quiz mode

Get instant feedback and discover if the presentation is clear and engaging for your users.

Analyze compression with built-in reports

VRGENCE provides insights and analytics you can access anytime to improve your skills.

Store quizzes and polls result for a later time

Come back at any moment to check your stats and collect useful information for later.



Smoothly and safely connect VRGENCE with the tools you love to unlock even more features and options.

Security & Privacy

Security & Privacy

Manage access to your PPT. with a pin or authentication code to make sure your presentation is in good hands.

API Access

API Access

VRGENCE knows no limits and moves at your pace. Scale and grow to your rhythm and put your needs first.

Custom Enterprise Plan

Custom Enterprise Plan

Enjoy unlimited access to VRGENCE and get a plan custom-tailored to your needs.

Want to learn more about VRGENCE for your enterprise?

Help us understand your needs and our VRGENCE expert will define together the perfect solution for you.

How it works

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Case studies

Case studies

Explore how big players are already using VRGENCE to add VR to their projects



Get the latest news and in-depth VR-related content and keep pace with immersive technology.



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Join the VR Powerpoint® revolution

Join the VR PowerPoint® revolution

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